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If your doctor suspects that you may have damage to your liver, they could recommend that you have a Fibroscan.

Our service offers a scan which is similar to an ultrasound, and which measures the elasticity of your liver. Our specialist team can where appropriate, provide health and lifestyle advice which you may find beneficial.

The service is delivered by a team of trained technicians and nurses. Our Team work closely with our secondary care colleagues, and are supported by our team of Administrators who are at the end of the telephone to help and answer any queries you may have.

The service runs from two locations:   


Newtown Clinic which is located in Southampton close to the Royal South Hants Hospital.

Atherley House Surgery is a local GP practice that is located on Shirley Road, Southampton.

Your Appointment

You will have been referred to our service by your GP through the e-referral service which allows you to book your own appointment. During the appointment we will scan your liver. This is a painless procedure which involves a probe being passed over the top right area of your stomach. The probe will send sound waves out in pulses which is repeated several times to make sure an accurate result is obtained.  


The average reading is then calculated by the scanner and will show any liver stiffness, which can indicate scarring of the liver. Once completed we will provide you with the outcome of the scan and advice and guidance on health and lifestyle choices.  Should you require any further treatment you will be referred to the local Secondary Care Hepatology department. 

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call 02380 296056 so that this can be rescheduled or offered to another patient.

Solent Medical Services - Fibroscan Appointment

There is no parking at Newtown Clinic but there are two car parks on the Royal South Hants Hospital site that are within a short walk to Newtown clinic, which can be accessed via the pedestrian gate (with steps).

Please note that parking charges apply in these car parks.

Alternatively, there are some free parking spaces on Lyon Street and surrounding roads, but these are limited to 2 hours.


There is limited parking at the back of Atherley House Surgery or there is on road parking, but this is subject of parking restrictions.

There are several bus operators around the City Centre. Please see the bus operator website for specific timetable information or click the link on the map.

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