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02380 296027/0300 561 2865


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All our Doctors are General Practitioners with an Extended Role (GPwER), who have specialised in Dermatology. Our team undergo regular training to ensure they continue to deliver a good standard of care. They work closely with our Secondary Care colleagues and strive to provide a comprehensive and professional service to the population of Southampton - in a timely and efficient manner. This is a GPwER led service with consultant mentorship.


This service is supported by our Dermatology Administrators who are at the end of the telephone, to answer any queries and provide assistance wherever possible.


Our wait times from receipt of referral are normally less than 4 weeks, and we are always working to reduce this wherever possible. 

The service runs from Newtown Clinic which is located in Southampton close to the Royal South Hants Hospital.

Your Appointment

You will have been referred to our service by your GP through the e-referral service which allows you to book your own appointment at a time convenient to you.


Your initial appointment will be an assessment with the doctor. During this appointment the Doctor will assess your condition and discuss what further treatment is required with you.


Should the condition require a biopsy for diagnostic reasons or the surgical removal of a lesion, another appointment will be made for you to attend for this procedure. This is to give you the time to comprehensively assess the risks and benefits of the procedure and to make sure you are completely happy to proceed.  


If you are unable to attend your appointment, please call us on 02380 296027 so this can be rescheduled or offered to another patient.

Solent Medical Services - Dermatology Appointment

There is no parking at Newtown Clinic but there are two car parks on the Royal South Hants Hospital site that are within a short walk to Newtown clinic. This can be accessed via the pedestrian gate (with steps).  

Please note that parking charges apply.

Alternatively, there are some free parking spaces on Lyon Street and surrounding roads but these are limited to 2 hours.

There are several bus operators around the City Centre. Please see the bus operator website for specific timetable information or click the link on the map.

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